Welcome to the Kansas Initiative for Meaningful Health!

The Kansas Initiative is embarking on the first stage of the development of an evidence-based psychotherapy toolkit that improves health outcomes by enhancing a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

The goals of the Kansas Initiative are:
  1. Developing, testing, and implementing the toolkit,
  2. Providing information to consumers and other interested parties,
  3. Allowing providers of meaning-centered therapy from around the world to demonstrate meaningful health outcomes.
The term meaningful health is used by the Kansas Initiative to describe the connection between our sense of meaning and purpose in life and the health and well-being of our minds and bodies. Securely founded on psychological principles developed by Dr. Viktor Frankl throughout the second half of the Twentieth Century, the concept of meaningful health also encompasses the latest empirical findings in positive and existential psychology as well as other meaning-oriented psychotherapies.

The comprehensive psychological theory and therapy developed by Dr. Viktor Frankl is professionally and historically known as logotherapy and existential analysis. This body of knowledge is the basis of the Kansas Initiative for Meaningful Health.

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