Phase 1: 2014 - COMPLETE
Review the complete evidence base of the relationship between meaning and health.
Prepare white paper for potential stakeholders demonstrating the likelihood that a meaningful health initiative would be effective in achieving a wide range of positive health outcomes.

Phase 2: 2015-2016

With the backing of identified stakeholders, initiate a pilot program to develop and test a meaningful health toolkit able to reach desired outcomes.

Phase 3: 2016-2017
Initiate meaningful health trainings to distribute the toolkit in participating states and regions with quality assurance and fidelity measures built into the model.

Phase 4: 2017-2019
Expand and refine the model based on feedback from the field.

Phase 5: 2019
Identify potential national stakeholders to replicate the model at the national level.

Global Phase: 2019 and beyond
If enough interest is generated, establish a secure means for therapists trained in meaning-centered therapies to report fidelity to the model and clinical outcomes in a consistent and unified way. This will build a data set to demonstrate the efficacy of the approach across a wide range of cultural and geographical boundaries.

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